Healthy Minds at Home

This Connections Learning and Life Skills Development Program provides in-home living support and assistance for individuals to be able to live independently and maintain a tenancy.

Healthy Minds in Action

This Learning and Life Skills Development Program supports individuals to access and engage in community-based activities and education and develop skills and independence

Healthy Minds Packages

Connections has the capacity to service self-directed funding packages, respite packages and brokerage, and/or sub-contracted packages funded through  government.

Improving mental health in the community

Connections is a not-for-profit community service organisation that provides individual support, training, programs and advocacy in the support of mental health and wellbeing. Connections vision is to Improve Mental Health in the Community and achieves this by providing relevant evidence-based learning and life skill development programs that assist in the facilitation of recovery.

Connections is committed to supporting people to be well resourced and make choices regarding all aspects of their individual support.  We encourage the people we work with to make informed decisions about every day and long-term lifestyle issues, and to direct their own journey towards well being and recovery.  Each person’s individual needs are identified, and the planning offered will be responsive to these needs. Connections acknowledges its responsibility to respond to the individual need of each client, and ensures that the persons plan is guided by an individual’s goals and aspirations.

If you are in need of assistance

Please call 1300 MHCALL (1300 64 2255) or 000 if it is an emergency.